Paul Kuhn


His talent lies in the perception of objects not just within their own context, but in dissecting them in their visual appearance, dividing the semantic framework from any kind of formal perception and viewing it in isolation instead.
Robert Klanten


Like a twentieth century alchemist with his experiments (he) uses light to transmute the elements of nature into a magical new form. For in the journey is the discovery, and on that journey Marko Modic discovered energies and languages more magical than E=mc2.
Cynthia Lucy Stephens


Admirable and enjoyable …
Douglas Adams


Marko Modic’s world is not the real world. Described as a “photographer of dreams”, he constructs “surreal” images from natural objects; his photos presenting an exploration of the subconscious mind and psychic states. Distancing himself from the “ordinary”, Modic concentrates on “fantastical” aspects of the landscapes he studies (e.g. light falling on a rockface), and photographs them in such a convincing manner that they seem to come from another world.
Barbican Centre Press Release


The artist practices and manages, with huge ability, a continuous perceptive shifting that drives us to a pleasant bewilderment in which we set out instinctively to find something recognisable to cling to and then, if we let ourselves go, the sheer pleasure of seeing leads us to discover the power of texture and colour.
Guido Cecere


… deep osmosis (dialysis?) with the supreme that envelops us … to the delight – or despair?
Antonio Meersohn


Marko Modic’s world is not our real world, the landscape we see around ourselves, in which we live, on which we encroach and which is friendly or threatening towards us. The subjective view transforms it into a kind of meta-landscape, a meta-space of the new order in which the artist’s imagination leaves voids which can be inhabited by the imagination of the viewers who are sensitive enough and who desire this.
Jure Mikuž


We can compare this work to the inherent structure of Richard Meier and Buckminster Fuller. We recognise here an artist of incredible composure with the nocturnal touch of a Stravinsky. Joey Skaggs


Marko has an original an untouched creative note. His creations are almost a brand, a registered trademark.
Dan Lenard


The earth above him is ash and blood. The sky above him breathes like a flat tyre.
A kind of iluminatory silence. A flattened-out donut of perforated light.
Iztok Osojnik


Strictly, almost deliriously conceptual.
Gestalten Press Release